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Project links

A project’s links are other records that are related to the project. A project’s client and project manager, for example, are defined by linking them to the project.

The table below shows what kinds of links a project can have.

Type Description

You can link companies with a project in the following roles:

Client  The client is the most important company to link to a project. If a project's work is done for your own organisation, use your own organisation as the client.

Delivery client  Specify a delivery client if the project is not delivered to Client but to another company.

Owner  The owner of a site or similar. Owner is only available in main projects. If a subproject's client is also the main project's owner, you don't need to link the client with the subproject. When a subproject doesn't have a client, Broker Site Manager automatically uses the main project's owner as the client in the subproject's tasks.

Partner  A company that participates in the project as a partner.

Subcontractor  A company that participates in the project as a subcontractor.

Supplier  A company that supplies materials to the project.


You can link people with a project in the following roles:





Installation supervisor


Project manager  The person who manages the project in your organisation. The project manager has equal permissions to edit the project's tasks as each task's responsible person, which means that they can edit all data in all of the project's tasks. When you create a project's tasks automatically, for example by exporting them from Broker Estimate, the project manager becomes the responsible person of those tasks.

Project manager, client  The person who manages the project in the client organisation. When you add tasks to the project, the client's project manager automatically becomes the contact person of those tasks.

Project coordinator

Subprojects automatically inherit roles from upper-level projects. For example, the project manager of a main project has project manager rights to all subprojects in the main project.


The project's team. The team's members and tools appear in the project's Gantt chart as resources.


The project's department.


A contract between an organisation and its client specifies what items and product structures the organisation can invoice from the client and at what price. Contracts consist of sales items, that is product structures or items that have an agreed price.

Tasks automatically inherit the contract of their project. You can use the contract's sales items in planning the task content and in invoicing the task.

Price list

A project's price list specifies prices for items and product structures that are not included in the project's contract.


The address where the project takes place.


The project's region.


Sometimes it makes sense to treat main projects of the type site as assets in Broker Site Manager, for example if you need to create maintenance tasks for them. In such situations, create a linked main project from an asset's page or link the asset to an existing main project.

  1. Go to the project’s page.

  2. At the bottom of the Links list, click the plus sign Plus sign.

    A screenshot of Broker Site Manager A screenshot of Broker Site Manager

  3. If the record that you want to link to isn’t included in the list that appears or if the list is empty, write part of the record’s name in the search field, and then press Enter.

  4. In the search results, click the record that you want to link to, and then click Add.

  5. If the link that you just added has the text Undefined next to it, click Undefined, and then click the correct role for the link.