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Edit a tender's basic information

To edit a tender’s basic information, such as its name or project, follow these steps:

  1. On the main menu, click Tenders.

  2. Find the tender and, to go to its page, click the arrow Arrow rights at the right end of its row.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click Edit.

    A screenshot of Broker Site Manager A screenshot of Broker Site Manager

  4. Edit the fields that you want to change. All default fields are described below. If your organisation’s settings are customised, the form that you see may include different fields.

    • Name A tender is usually named after its project. If you create a tender for a project, its name is filled automatically.

    • Group The group where the tender belongs. Available groups are defined in your organisation’s settings.

    • Client When you create a tender from the page of a company or from the page of a project that has a client company, the tender’s client is set automatically.

    • Person The tender’s contact person in the client company. When you create a tender from the page of a project that has a client-side project manager, the project manager automatically becomes the tender’s contact person.

    • Project When you create a tender from the page of a project, the tender’s project is set automatically.

    • Estimator The person who estimates the tender. You can’t start estimating a tender before it has an estimator.

    • Confidentiality level Specifies who has access to the tender. Confidentiality level is one of the following:

      • Public Anyone who can log in to your organisation’s environment can access the tender. If people outside your organisation have access to your environment, for example if you have given access to subcontractors, we recommend that you avoid using Public.

      • Person Specified people can access the tender.

      • Company People from specified companies can access the tender.

      • Team People from specified teams can access the tender.

      • Department People from specified departments can access the tender.

    • Status Available statuses depend on your company’s settings. Settings also determine whether you can choose a status when you create a tender and what statuses can follow each other. If you want to change these settings, contact Mercus helpdesk.

    • Deadline The date by which the tender must be submitted to the client.

    • Valid until The date by which your bid expires.

    • Comments

    • Department The department that works on the tender and on the tender’s project.

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

  6. If you edited the tender’s confidentiality level and changed it to anything but public, a list appears where you can choose who has access to the tender. Follow these steps to choose who can access the tender:

    • If the record that you want to give access to doesn’t appear in the list, type part of its name in the search field and press Enter.

    • Click one or more records to choose them.

    • Click Add.

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