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Add a person record


To add person records to Broker Site Manager, you need the permission to add people.

1. Check whether the person has a record in Broker Site Manager

Before you add a new person record to Broker Site Manager, search for the person to ensure that you don’t create duplicates.

  1. On the main menu, click Persons.

  2. Write part of the person’s name in the search field at the bottom-right corner of the page, and then press Enter.

    A screenshot of Broker Site Manager A screenshot of Broker Site Manager

2. Add a record for the person

After you have checked that a person doesn’t have a record in Broker Site Manager, you can add a record for them.

  1. On the main menu, click Persons.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click Add.

    A screenshot of Broker Site Manager A screenshot of Broker Site Manager

  3. Enter the person’s details in the form. Enter at least their Last name, First name, Mobile (phone number), Work email and EDI identifier. All default fields are described below. If your organisation’s settings have been customised, the form that you see may include different fields.

    • Last name

    • First name

    • Nickname

    • Language The language in which the person uses Broker Site Manager (if they have a user account) and receive automatic reports.

    • LinkedIn The person’s LinkedIn ID.

    • Default company A person can be linked to more than one company, for example to their current and previous employer. In this case, the persons’ default company tells which company the person is most closely associated with. It is usually the person’s current employer. Broker Site Manager links the default company automatically to tasks and tenders that you create for the person.

    • Job title

    • Pay group The person’s pay group, or that of their team.

    • Address name For example Acme Inc’s visiting address or Acme Inc’s billing address. Each address has a name because Broker Site Manager stores addresses separately from the person. This lets you use the same address in other records as well, for example in the person’s company and in their colleagues. Before you enter an address, you should therefore search for the address in Broker Site Manager, and if you find the address, use the existing one.

    • Street

    • City

    • Postal code

    • Country

    • Phone

    • Fax

    • Mobile

    • Direct

    • Office

    • Work email

    • Marketing messages Specifies whether you can use the messaging function in Broker Site Manager to send marketing messages to the person.

    • Work time / week

    • ERP code The person’s identifier in an external ERP system. Required only if Broker Site Manager is integrated with an external system.

    • EDI identifier Broker Site Manager uses the EDI identifier to identify the person. Because using truly identifiable information is not possible, organisations usually use work emails in the EDI identifier field.

    • Additional info

    • Image

  4. To add a picture of the person, drag an image file from your computer to the Image field.

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

After you have added a person record to Broker Site Manager, you should define the person’s company and their role in their company. See Person links.