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Define a tender's or position's project

If you want to export data from a tender or position to a Broker Site Manager project, the project must be defined in the tender’s or position’s details. This is necessary for example when you export project structures from Broker Estimate to Broker Site Manager.

If a tender has been created in Broker Site Manager by adding it to a project, the project is automatically defined in its details. Otherwise, you can follow these steps to define the project:

  1. In Broker Estimate, double-click the tender or position to open its details.

  2. On the right side of the dialogue, double-click the value of the BSM project parameter. If the parameter is missing, Mercus helpdesk can add it.

    A screenshot of Broker Estimate A screenshot of Broker Estimate

  3. A list of projects of the tender’s client appears. Double-click a project to select it.

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