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Change a tender's status

Available statuses

Your organisation’s settings determine which statuses are available for tenders and which statuses can follow each other. These settings can be managed by Mercus helpdesk.

By default, the following statuses are available:

  • Potential Potential estimates are estimates that you base on needs that you know or assume that a client has, not on invitations for tender. They help you analyse a client’s sales potential in order to steer your sales resources in the right direction.

  • Invitation for tender You have received an invitation for tender and are making a decision on whether to calculate a cost estimate.

  • Decided to calculate You have decided to calculate a cost estimate.

  • Calculating Cost estimate is in progress.

  • Calculation done Cost estimate is completed.

  • Pricing done Pricing is completed.

  • Sent Your bid is submitted.

  • Ordered The tender has resulted in an order and you have decided to deliver.

  • Deferred The tender has been submitted but the client postpones their purchase decision.

  • Over Use Over in all scenarios where your organisation stops working on a tender with the result that no order is delivered. For example, use Over when you decide not to calculate a cost estimate, when you decide not to submit a bid, when you lose a bid or when you win a bid but decline the order.

  • Work in progress Order is being delivered.

  • Delivered Order delivery is completed.

  • Archived The tender is archived. Archived tenders are automatically removed from estimators’ computers but remain in Broker Site Manager. If you are an archived tender’s estimator, you can restore it in Broker Site Manager.

Change a tender’s status

  1. Double-click the tender whose status you want to change.

  2. In the status list, click the correct status.

    A screenshot of Broker Estimate A screenshot of Broker Estimate

  3. If a confirmation message appears, click Yes to confirm the new status.

  4. Click OK.

Confirmation messages

Broker Estimate can be configured to display a confirmation message when you are about to move tenders to a specific status. You can use the confirmation message to convey information about the new status to the estimator and to let the estimator either confirm the new status or cancel the change.

If your organisation would like to use confirmation messages, Mercus helpdesk can configure them for you. You can choose whether to add confirmation messages to all statuses or only to some of them.